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Retirement Planning

A study conducted in 2010 by ING, titled “Shedding Light on Retirement”, showed that 55% of retirement consumers were unsure of how to reach their retirement goals. Are you on pace to achieve your retirement goals?

At Financial Balance Group, LLC we recognize that achieving your retirement goals requires much more than just 401(k) contributions and mutual fund selection. Successfully planning and preparing for retirement requires will, determination and a complete review of your personal finances with a financial professional that you can trust. Whether you are a business owner, independent contractor or salaried employee, our representatives can assist you in developing a strategy that satisfies your unique circumstances and helps keep you on track for retirement.

Preparing for Retirement

It’s clear that every working professional should be saving towards retirement, but which options are the most efficient and how do you reach the contribution levels you need and strive for? Effectively saving and planning for retirement takes more than just contributing to an employer-sponsored plan. You must also be aware of the impact that economic components such as inflation, taxation and the overall cost of new goods and services will have on your needs throughout retirement. You must address the increasing costs of health care. Working with a financial professional can help you better understand and address your needs surrounding retirement.

Management During Retirement

Planning and saving for retirement is only half of the battle. After saving for retirement your entire career, how can you be sure that your savings and income sources will last? Setting expectations and carefully managing your expenses can have a significant impact on your comfort level throughout retirement. Part of our job is ensuring that while surprises may arise along the way, you are fully prepared and have appropriate planning in place.

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