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Investment Planning

When most individuals hear “investments” they think stocks, bonds and mutual funds. In reality though, there are many different types of investments and many different objectives that can be accomplished through an effective investment process. Whether your investment goal is to grow your assets or simply preserve them, the financial advisors at Financial Balance Group, LLC can help.

We believe that being an investor requires a considerable amount of responsibility and discipline. For this reason, our clients follow an investment process that allows our advisors to listen, interpret and quantify important factors such as risk tolerance, objectives and time horizon. Only after having a complete understanding of your current financial position, goals and investor profile can we make justified and suitable recommendations regarding asset allocation and portfolio design.

As an investor, it is critical that you make realistic valuations of your investment expectations and ability to accept risk in order to seek a desired result. In order to achieve financial balance, you must be truthful with yourself and your advisor in order to ensure that the investment strategies used are in line with your goals, time frame and risk tolerance.

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*Financial advisory services offered through Park Avenue Securities, LLC (PAS). PAS is a registered investment advisor and broker dealer.
**Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.