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Business Planning

To understand the effects of your financial decisions in today's busy world, you need an organized and integrated view of your business and personal finances. Financial Balance Group, LLC can coordinate your personal financial plan with your business planning in order to help you adequately manage both aspects of your finances and increase the chances of achieving your needs and objectives.

Employer Benefits

As a small business owner, employer sponsored benefits can play an important role to your future success and bottom line. Although there is a cost to providing benefits to your employees, it is also an effective way of attracting and retaining talented workers who contribute to the future success of your business. Our firm can help you analyze cost and coordinate the benefits you select to provide your employees, such as: health, dental and vision insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, and life insurance.

Retirement Planning

Deciding on a retirement program for your business should be the result of a thorough review of your goals and objectives for both personal and business purposes. It is true that providing your employees with the opportunity of saving for retirement can help with recruiting and retaining talented workers. However, business owners can leverage the flexibility within retirement plans, to achieve the contribution levels that they desire. Working with a financial professional who understands the options available, can help to effectively meet your goals at the lowest cost possible.

Succession Planning

Succession planning does not only address voluntary changes in ownership, but also involuntary changes that can occur due to the death or disability of a key employee or business owner. Considering the magnitude of such an occurrence, our firm believes in proper planning through the use of buy/sell or buy-out agreements. In coordinating our efforts with your legal and tax advisors, we can assist you to protect the future of your business if such tragedy occurs.

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