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Why Is My Financial Advisor Talking About Insurance?

January 01, 2015

By: Michael Relvas, CFP®

Perhaps the more pertinent question should be, why is your financial planner NOT talking about insurance? Although it may not be one of the more exciting areas of planning, insurance helps protect a person's assets and loved ones from financial hardship, making it a critical part of any sensible financial plan.

It is all too common that financial advisors focus solely on investment management, leaving a number of gaps that could create financial distress in the future. In order for a financial plan to truly be comprehensive and address all of an individual's needs and goals, it must also address risk and the options available to manage those risks. Below is a list of the top five insurance policies you should know about to help protect your family's finances.

Disability Insurance

Commonly overlooked, disability insurance provides income protection in case an injury or illness prevents you from working. For every month that you qualify under the definition of total or partial disability, the insurance company pays you a monthly benefit that can be used for living expenses, retirement savings and maintaining a similar quality of life for your family. Considering that every aspect of your financial world relies on your ability to earn an income, protecting it, should be a "fairly" important category to consider.

Life Insurance

There are many different types of life insurance policies available, each of which provides its own unique benefits. For purposes of this article however, the focus is simply on the need for financial protection against a premature death and liquidity needs for expenses at death. The unexpected death of a household's primary income earner could cause irreversible financial hardship and life insurance can be an efficient and effective solution to managing this risk.

Personal Property & Liability Insurance

Two very important types of insurance, Home and Auto insurance are more so a requirement than optional insurance coverage. Sadly however, most individuals simply look for the least expensive policy they can find. The truth is that both personal property and liability insurance could protect your family's property and finances from tremendous hardship, but only if the appropriate levels and types of coverage are used.

Without the proper insurance planning, an individual's or family's financial plan is susceptible to a number of catastrophic risks. It is critical that your financial advisor properly address these risks with you in order to implement the appropriate risk management techniques for your situation.

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