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Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance for Mayo Clinic Residents and Fellows

Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance for Mayo Clinic Residents and Fellows

January 18, 2023

There will soon be a new program that available to residents and fellows at the Mayo Clinic. This program is a Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance policy offered through The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

Guardian is the premier choice for disability insurance for physicians and has similar guaranteed issue programs at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Mt. Sinai, UNC, Wake Forest and 50 others nationwide. I am excited to announce that it will now be available at The Mayo Clinic as well. 

Some of the benefits of this plan include:

  • NO MEDICAL UNDERWRITING, so anyone with a pre-existing condition, or who is on medication, can get coverage.
  • Premiums are discounted up to 30%.
  • Enhanced True “Own-Occupation” coverage with Specialty Language unique to Guardian. You are protected in your occupation and medical specialty. 
  • Activities such as mountain or rock climbing; motor sports events or racing (auto, truck, cycle, boat, etc.); scuba diving; skydiving; hang gliding; parachuting; and/or paragliding are covered.  
  • The policy is a personally owned individual disability insurance policy that is completely portable, so when you leave Mayo, it goes with you.
  • Benefits up to $7,500 per month in coverage now with the option to increase up to $15,000 per month after graduation.
  • Coverage to help repay student loans can also be included. 

This is a great opportunity for your residents and fellows to obtain the premier disability insurance policy in the industry for physicians and do so without regard to any pre-existing conditions they may have, and at a discount!

Instant quotes and more information will be available closer to the February 15, 2023 launch date through our disability insurance focused website - ´╗┐´╗┐